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Dhanwantari Ayurveda College Hospital and Research Center , Siddhapur

Established in the year 1998 with an intention of imparting the knowledge of the Science of Ayurveda and to cater the health care needs of the people. Being the only medical college in the entire district of Uttara Kannada the institution provides a systematic approach towards the science inculcating the ancient principles of Ayurveda along with the modern medical sciences. The college set in slush green habitat of Sahyadris, Westernghats which is home for traditional ayurvedic practices provides a great platform to the scholars to carry on the research in this stream of medicine.

The college which began with a batch of 3 Students is now a full-fledged Ayurveda institute that provide education to 100 students in every batch. DACH provides post-graduation in two branches that is Panchakarma and Kayachikitsa with 6 students in each batch. The college aspires to provide quality education to the students which is evident with our students excelling with meritorious marks in different subjects. Apart from the academic activities students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities like sports, cultural for physical and mental wellbeing.

The college is set in a huge campus that also include hospital, research laboratory, hostel facilities, canteen, auditorium, herbal garden and play ground. The classrooms are well ventilated, spacious and upgraded with advanced methods of teaching such as Audio- visual teaching aids, library with huge collection of books, journals, Digital library with internet facility, Herbal garden with collection of many plant species including endangered ones, each faculty enriched with a separate museum and departmental library, well equipped dissection theatre and maintained with well trained staff.

4.5 years + 1 Year Internship

Bahelor of Ayurvedc Medicine & Surgery


The Course

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) is an undergraduate degree programme that is aimed at making students acquainted with the concepts of Ayurveda and practice it for the treatment of patients. BAMS integrates Ayurveda with the concepts of modern medicines and students are trained in a fusion of both as part of the course curriculum.

Ayurveda is one of the ancient systems of medicine and trace back its roots to Vedic times. It is highly regarded as a substitute to the western method of treatment. Currently, this alternative method of cure is being acknowledged by people worldwide, even the World Health Organisation has provided an international forum for endorsement of traditional medicine systems such as Ayurveda. Therefore, Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) as a course has opened up many promising opportunities for students in this field.


The Scope

These days there are a plethora of opportunities available for BAMS graduates in both public as well as private sectors.

  • The candidate having the BAMS (Bachler of Ayurvedic Medicines & Surgery) degree is eligible to be called as a doctor and can do their practice all over India.
  • Can make a career in manufacturing of Ayurveda medicines and related products such as cosmetics.
  • BAMS students can opt to work as supervisors in health centres of various hotels and resorts.
  • Students can pursue such careers and studies as a Clinical Research Associate in the research units of different pharmaceutical companies.
  • Companies like Patanjali Ayurveda Limited, Dabur, The Himalaya Drug Company, Zandu Pharmaceuticals Works Limited, Surya Herbal Limited, Vicco Laboratories, Charak Pharma Private Limited, Emami Limited, Hamdard Laboratories, Baidyanath hire BAMS graduates.


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Check Our Facilities

Herbal Garden

The college contains a rich herbal garden spread over 40 acres cultivating about 1000s of herbs which are extensively used by the students to gain a rich practical experience. The institution is located near the Jog Falls which makes it’s herbal garden abundant of different kinds of Ayurvedic herbs and plants. It will enrich the students for practical knowledge of pharmaceutical processing with traditional and modern appliances.

Panchakarma Lab

The lab is well equipped with hi-tech panchakarma instruments and the students are trained to enact different panchakarma procedures which are shown by experts and later students are given hands on experience under the expert guidance. Thus making students skilled in panchakarma therapies and are subjected to role play classes which makes them well versed in patient interaction.


The college has its own well maintained, and highly equipped physiology/pathology lab as per CClM guiding principle. A massive space for demonstration and number of equipment for every students are kept to administer the experiments. Slide projectors, Overhead projectors, LCD are also availaible in all the departments for modern learning and better understandings.

Class room

The classrooms are well ventilated, spacious and customized with advanced techniques of teaching such as Audio- visual teaching aids. The classroom for learning doesn’t just limit to the physical class-room but the whole enormous campus like library with huge collection of books, journals, digital library with internet facility, herbal garden with assortment of many plant species including endangered ones, each faculty is augmented with a separate museum and departmental library, and dissection theatre maintained with well trained staff.


To enhance the knowledge of the students the college has a spacious library as per the rules of CCIM & RGUHS along with digital library facility. The college library has more than 11,000 books, 6 daily newspapers and 35 periodicals consisting of many national and international journals as the students doesn’t only need the medical but the development in the outside world as well. Library is furnished with sitting arrangement for over 100 students to provide peaceful atmosphere for studying and facilitates department wise access to the books, Newspaper clipping service, Book reservation system, Bibliographic directory.

Hostel & Food

Aesthetic and internationally designed boys and girls hostels are provided individually to have a homly feeling while learning the science of mother nature. Hygienic timely food and appetizing menu are best part of this facility. The admission to the hostel is voluntary and subjected to availabilities.


The college integrates Yoga and Ayurvedic practice together to give their students a full-fledged Ayurveda learning and expertise in the particular field. Because Yoga and Ayurveda are two meticulously inter-related facets of the Vedic science, the ancient Indian philosophy of consciousness. Both ancient practice comes from the same culture and have similar historical foundation. Furthermore, they share the same philosophy, language and methodology. Yoga connects to our consciousness as our core center as this is a science with the primary goal to reach pure consciousness, internal harmony and bliss in a human being.


College has a big outdoor field for athletics, cricket, volley ball and other sports and it also has facilities for indoor games like table tennis, carom, chess etc. Inter class and Inter college sports tournaments are organized yearly to encourage the development of talents among the students.

140 Bedded Hospital

The College is attached with 140 bedded hospital, with all infrastructures for assistance of patients and knowledge thirsty students and satisfies to the needs of the ailing population of the surroundings. The hospital has got the treatment wings as ethically told in Ayurveda like. Students get a chance for regular visits with my professors to the OPD Wing imparts the students here with the knowledge that empathy and sensitive approach is as important as medicine for the patients.


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